MgA. Diana Winklerová
born 29th October 1983 in Prague, Czech Republic
Currently working as a tutor of Clay Modelling and Basic Sculpture Course at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design
in Prague (since 2011).
2004 - 2010 Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Sculpture studio headed by Professor Kurt Gebauer
2000 - 2004 Václav Hollar School of Arts, Prague
Art residency, internship
2014 (Sept.) Edinburgh College of Art, lecturer of Clay portraiture modelling class
2012 (Jan.) Egon Schiele Art Centre, Český Krumlov CZ
2007 - 2008 China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, Department of Comprehensive Design
Group Exhibitions (selected)  
2014 The Waking Dragon (The Asian collection of the National Gallery in Prague)
Art Safari 27 (Studio Bubec, Prague)
Metamorphosis (Open Air Festival, Hradec Králové)
Roxy Visuals vol. 2 (Roxy Experimental Space, Prague)
2013 Problem Is Here (Festival 4+4 Days in Motion, Prague)
Synthetic Polymers in Art (Exhibition space of Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Prague)
3xR, Designblok (Prague)
Whyrwehere (New Gallery Chateau Třeboň)
Where Is My Home? (DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague)
PechaKucha Night Prague (presentation)
Video-camp (Prague)
Art Safari 25 (Studio Bubec, Prague)
Tetradekagon (Fait gallery, Brno)
2012 Would You Like To Play Another Game (Festival 4+4 Days in Motion, Prague)
Sculpture Now! (Nostic Palace, Prague)
6+1, Designblok, (Malostranská beseda, Prague)
Art Safari 24 (Studio Bubec, Prague)
Design project 3xR (reduce-renovate-recycle, Meetfactory, Prague)
Ukradená festival (Český Krumlov)
Everyday Nature (Echofluxx Festival, Gallery Trafačka, Prague)
2011 Sculpture sympozium (Gallery Art Factory, Prague)
Exhibition of Universal Sculpture (Havelka gallery, Prague)
Young Package (Czechdesign Gallery, Prague)
Museum of Young Art / Artbanka (Prague)
Art Safari 21 (Studio Bubec, Prague)
Face Me I Face You (Gallery AVU, Prague)
2010 Exhibition of diploma works (Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, Prague)
Volné/Fine (Gallery XXL, Louny)
Médl Knédl (Embassy of the Czech Republic in Vienna, Austria)
One Day You Will Lose It All (Festival 4+4 Days in Motion, Prague)
2009 Animo anima (Gallery Albertovec, Opava region)
Art containers (Brno)
New Wilderness (Open Air Mining Museum, Vinařice at Kladno)
2008 Fajne věci (Hradec nad Moravicí)
3rd Exhibition of international students of China Academy of Art (Hangzhou, China)
2007 Chaos of the City (Gallery Art Factory, Prague)
200 metres from metro Prior (Jihlava)
2006 Ječitošilajaktopuči (House of Fine Arts, Opava)
Video-camp (Prague)
2005 Winter (The Czech Museum of Fine Arts, Prague)
Pragštěné Bruxellení (Prague House in Bruxelles, Belgium)
Exceptional Circumstances: Women among Miners (Open Air Mining Museum, Vinařice at Kladno)
Solo shows  
2015 Extended Household (Samaří club, Prague)
2014 Local Weather Forecast (The Solution Gallery, Prague) with Zora Vipera (CH)
2013 Lightning (ProLuka-Open Air Gallery, Prague)
2013 Diana Winklerová /drawings/, Shan Xiaohui /photography/ (Rybanaruby club, Prague)
2012 70./Global Warning (Ukradená Gallery, Prague)
2012 Between Heaven and the Floor (with Tomáš Kubačka, Gallery in the Niches, Kladno)
2012 88./Lesní (Ukradená Gallery, Český Krumlov)
2011 Total Cauliflower (New Stage of the National Theatre exhibition space, Prague)
2011 50°3'10.2"N, 14°24'29.9"E (Cube Gallery /Meetfactory/, Prague)
2008 Qing jin / Please, enter (Exhibition space of Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Prague)
2007 Zastavení (Kamenice u Jihlavy)
2006 Bits of the World (Culture Centre Dobeška, Prague)
2011 Young Package, International design competition, 1st place, Graduates and designers under 30yrs category
2010 Josef Hlávka Award
2006 Award of Department of Fine Arts, Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, Prague
The works of art I create originate in my experience of perceiving things, space, my thoughts
and awareness. I do not limit myself to working in a particular medium or subject, I search for a clear and playful balance between an artwork's message and its visual expression. This often leads me to dealing with a wide range of media and materials. My ideas usually become sculpture, photography, computer graphics or video. As an artist, I work with the language of visual forms and therefore industrial and graphic design are also fields of my interest.
Besides focusing on visual art, a major part of my life is devoted to music. I play the oboe and the cor anglais in the Smichov Chamber Philharmonic (since 2010) which cooperates with the folk-rock group Čechomor. In addition to the reed instruments I also play the flute in several other music groups, especially nu-jazz group Jamchestra (since 2012), the alternative folk and blues band Ryba (from 2008) and I cooperate with blues singer Jana Štromská (since 2011). I am also interested in Asian music, my internship in China introduced me to playing the transverse bamboo flute dizi and the vertical end-blown flute xiao. In 2010 we founded the Prague Silk-and-Bamboo Music Club, where traditional Jiangnan Sizhu music is played.